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Meet the maine insiders.

real people. real advice. that's the maine thing.

If you're looking for an itinerary or an organized list of things to do, you've come to the wrong place. We've gathered a group of individuals who embrace spontaneity, are filled with unique insights, and have completed their own rite of passage to become a Maine Original. They understand the ins and outs of all that Maine has to offer – the kinds of people and places you won't find on a map. This is about discovering new experiences and rediscovering yourself in the process.

Quintessential Maine Foodies

Their fascination with food and cooking has helped them to become experts in traveling off the beaten path to find Maine’s many hidden treasures. We’re...

An Outsider from 9 to 5

With a diverse landscape, Maine is a playground of outdoor activities. As an outdoor enthusiast, Bronwyn spends her waking hours exploring Maine's natural terrain....

King of the Sea

You can usually find Barry by means of longitude and latitude. For more than 20 years, he has been at the helm of the Schooner Mary Day. Navigating, voyaging and...

A Truly Down-to-Earth Farmer

Having grown up in Union, Maine is in her blood. As a farmer who grows her own organic food, she is a huge supporter of the farm-to-table movement. Having...

The Delicacy Duo

Herman and Monique Coombs and their two children live on Orr’s Island, living the exciting life of the lobster family. Herman is a lifelong lobsterman,...

The Guide to the Wild

Steve's specialty is facilitating memorable Maine experiences. As a registered guide, Steve can lead you anywhere anytime and make you feel at home. Equipped with...

A Couple of Captains

They are captains who know firsthand the effect nature can have on you. Arriving in 1978 to start their own business, the couple has been living and breathing...

Palate Pleaser Extraordinaire

Kathy finds her true inspiration in the kitchens and gardens of Maine. This award-winning author and accomplished chef covers everything food. Cooking, gardening,...

The Outdoor Adventurer

Barry Tripp typifies the Maine outdoor sports enthusiast. A longtime Mainer, he’s passionate about the diverse activities Maine’s sprawling geography...


Vice President of the 2014 Acadian Congress, Don Levesque is an important guy who will always stay humble. He's a member of the Maine Press Association Hall of Fame...

Curator of Style

As founder of the popular blog, Laura actively seeks out Maine's distinct street style and fashion sense. With a penchant for people watching,...

Family Fun-Maker

Need a suggestion for something family friendly to do in Maine? Look no further than Jennifer Hazard. She’s the incredibly outgoing married mother of two and...