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Real People. Real Advice.

King of the Sea

Barry King

You can usually find Barry by means of longitude and latitude. For more than 20 years, he has been at the helm of the Schooner Mary Day. Navigating, voyaging and guiding has made this seafaring man a natural captain who takes pleasure in sharing his quests. He believes Maine is defined by its natural setting, especially the coast. Always longing for adventure, Barry roams the great waters exploring tucked away places on and off the map. Navigate through Barry's Windjammer blog.


Good morning everyone. We are off and running for Mary Day’s 53rd season. Though not...

Time for Maple Syrup and Banana Cakes

Good morning everyone. Today being the vernal equinox, spring is here and so with it the rising...

50 Miles Off Shore (and still at home)

We had a spectacular sail yesterday. One of the first of the season. By days end we had 50 miles...

Saltwater is in My Blood

I have lived along the New England coast all my life. To say saltwater is in my blood would be...

The Spark Plug

Last week we enjoyed a lighthouse tour. Pharologist Ted Panayatoff was in great storytelling...