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Real People. Real Advice.

The Delicacy Duo

Herman & Monique Coombs

Herman and Monique Coombs and their two children live on Orr’s Island, living the exciting life of the lobster family. Herman is a lifelong lobsterman, tending to his 800 homemade traps in just about every weather condition. Monique is a knowledgeable voice in the fishing trade, and is heavily involved in the Maine Seafood Marketing Network. Together, they make a powerhouse team, dedicated to life on the coast. They are Mainers to the core.

Fishermen can be a Rather Superstitous Bunch

Fishermen can be a rather superstitious bunch. I'm not sure where that trait comes from. Perhaps...

Ways to Enjoy Lobster

It's hard for me to imagine all of the ways that people are eating lobster nowadays. Our...