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Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities in Maine

The majesty of our wild places is awe-inspiring and transformative. A visit to Maine could easily consist of simply basking in the freedom of wide-open spaces, taking deep breaths of salty ocean air, and marveling at the views from the tops of our mountains. Many of our visitors love to treat the great outdoors of Maine as a living, breathing art gallery, while others prefer to dive in and take a more hands-on approach.

You can skydive your way to an adrenaline rush from 10,000 feet above the mountains, or scuba dive into the underwater world of our famous lobsters. You can go rock climbing on the pink granite cliffs of Acadia, fly alongside bald eagles in a hot air balloon, or surf the waves that crash into the sandy beaches of Old Orchard. There’s the hide-and-seek fun of geocaching your way to hidden treasures in July, or the liberating sensation of strapping on your snowshoes in January.

Along the way, you may see moose, deer, eagles, and more. You’ll see every type of gorgeous landscape you can imagine. And just when you think you’ve done it all, and seen it all, Maine will surprise you again.

The great outdoors of Maine will take your breath away.

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