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Saltwater Fishing


The coast of Maine presents unlimited fishing for anglers of all ages and skill. All the methods of fishing are possible in Maine’s saltwater. Opportunities available along Maine’s coastal waters vary. You can choose to jig for mackerel close to shore or spend a day trolling or casting for larger species like striped bass, bluefish or the powerful bluefin tuna on a charter fishing boat. Mackerel are perhaps the best target because of their abundant population. No license is required to fish along Maine’s seashore, but there are restrictions in effect. Striped bass can only be caught within certain size limits and in certain areas and times of year; contact the Department of Marine Resources or check with local tackle and bait shops for current regulations. Atlantic sturgeon are a protected species and cannot be taken, and lobsters and crabs cannot be harvested without a permit and traps. Remember that even those lobster pots and buoys washed up on the beach should not be collected or tampered with—it’s against the law!

Outfitters everywhere along the coast can offer advice on saltwater fishing, and can provide you with the appropriate gear and basic instruction on the fishing style that best suits your interest.