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There’s something special about that first deep breath you take at the beach, when the salty air of the ocean and smell of fresh sand seem to transport you to a different world. Or maybe it’s the soothing rhythm of the waves as they fade in front of you, or the way the water laps against your feet, the way the sand seems to greet you with each step.

It’s hard to know exactly what makes the beaches here so magical. Like everything here in Maine, every beach is a little bit different. The beaches in Maine are alive, and changing, and resilient. And that’s how you’ll feel, when you discover them.

And for each beach, there are four seasons of change, each with its own shade of beauty. In August, Old Orchard Beach has the energy of a carnival, with vacationers flocking to its oceanfront amusement park and pier, and its seven miles of sandy, sunny beaches. But as the leaves begin to turn in September and October, the beach becomes emptier, the tides crest higher, and the town transforms into a surfer’s paradise.

And that’s only one of Maine’s gorgeous beaches.

As you wander along the coast, you’ll have your breath taken away as you stand beside a lighthouse, watching powerful waves crash into the rocky cliffs below. Or maybe you’ll find a quiet and secluded beach, lined with millions of smooth black pebbles, offering hidden tidepools full of curious ocean creatures.

So come find your favorite beach, your favorite town, your favorite inn, and your favorite season. It might take many visits, and that’s a good thing. Because it’s the journey you’ll enjoy the most.