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Moose River


You can fish for trout and landlocked salmon in remote locations along the Moose River, which runsfrom its origin near the Canadian border west of Jackman to Moosehead Lake in Rockwood.

West of Jackman

Immediately to the west of Jackman, the Moose River meanders through or near a series of lakes: Holeb Pond, Attean Lake and Big Wood Pond. The unique arrangement of these lakes relative to the river allows for a multi-day"Bow Trip"through a remote, forested environment.Youcan begin and endthis tripat the same location—eitherAttean Lake or Big Wood Pond—whileyou fish for nativebrook trout.

East of Jackman

To the east of Jackman,you can fish forlandlocked salmon and brook trout in the more accessible section of river flowing through undeveloped forestlands between Long Pond and Brassua Lake. River flows in this section depend on runoff, so they can be high in the spring and after significant rain events, and low during summer dry spells.With moderate flows, however, the pools and runs of this section are idealif you'd like tofish whilewading.

Brassua Dam to Brassua Lake

Perhaps the most popular section of the Moose River is the mile of river immediately below Brassua Dam on the outlet of Brassua Lake.You can easily access the pools and runs of this section, whichflows into Moosehead Lake. You can fish forlandlocked salmon and brook trout from May through September. Many of the fish caught here originate in Moosehead Lake, which meansyou havethe opportunity to catch larger fishin this sectionthanyou wouldusually findupriver. After spring runoff subsides in May,the water stored in Brassua Lake maintains downstream flows suitable for wading all season long.You can also fish the lower reaches of this section from a canoe.