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St. Croix River


You can fish for smallmouth bass alongeastern Maine’s St. Croix River, whichcomprises a portion of theborder between Maine and New Brunswick, Canada.This riveroriginates in several large lakes, together known as the Chiputneticook Lakes, and flows more than 60 miles south and southeast to Calais and Passamaquoddy Bay.

Upper St. Croix

You can take a multi-day canoe trip along the upper 33 miles oftheriver,which runfrom Vanceboro to Kellylandthrough undeveloped forestland. Water stored in the Chiputneticook lakes and released through the dam at the outlet of Spednic Lake make this canoe trip possible from spring through fall. This upper section is characterized by continuous riffles and rapids, with only a few stretches of smooth water. Smallmouth bass fishing is excellent throughout this section and in the Grand Falls Flowage at its end.Public road access is limited to only two locations along the way—carry-in access at Little Falls and a gravel trailerable launch at Loon Bay Landing.You'll find a number of primitive campsites throughout this section.

Lower St. Croix

In the 21 miles from Kellyland to Calais,the lower St. Croix is much larger than it is upstreambecause ofthe inflow into Grand Falls Flowage from Big Lake, West Grand Lake and the series of lakes upstream of West Grand. Releases through the storage dams upstream provide good, season-long flows to this section as well. Thesixmiles below Kellyland begin with fast water flowing through undeveloped forest, followed by the flowage backed up by the dam in Woodland. Another stretch of fast water lies below the Woodland dam, followed by the flowage backed up by the Milltown dam.The lower St. Croix also offers excellent fishing for smallmouth bass.You would probably do best to fish the riverfrom a boat or canoebecause ofthe river'ssize.You can use the boat access at Woodland Lake if you'renot contemplating an extended trip down the lower St. Croix.