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Sightseeing & Tours

Explore Maine's Historic Forts During Fall


Maine is home to some of the Northeast's best-preserved military fortifications. You can picture what it was like to be stationed at one of these forts as you explore wooden, granite and earthen structures dating back to the mid-1700s. You'll find lookouts, underground passageways and weaponry displays.

Fort Point State Park

Fort Point State Park is the site of Fort Pownall, built in 1759 to protect the area against French enemies. You can see the remnants of the 240-foot-long, eight-foot-deep ditch that surrounded a two-story blockhouse with square "flankers" (fortifications) on each corner. The park overlooks Penobscot Bay at the mouth of the Penobscot River in Stockton Springs.

Fort Baldwin

Thousands of people pass by Fort Baldwin on their way to Fort Popham, but you will find a much larger structure to explore if you stop at Fort Baldwin. You can walk through the passageways and rooms of three concrete batteries built into the hillside overlooking Atkins Bay, and stand where large pedestal and disappearing guns were mounted during both World Wars. You can also climb the tower used to spot enemy boats and continue on the trail beyond the tower for a quiet walk in the woods.

Fort Kent State Historic Site

Fort Kent State Historic Site was the northern post during the 1839 Aroostook War—a boundary dispute between New Brunswick and what is now northern Maine. The 1830s two-story, log-built blockhouse is a National Historic Landmark with original walls. At the small museum inside the fort, you can see documents and artifacts related to the land dispute and learn more about local culture and history.