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Frozen in Ice


On the night of Dec. 22, 1850, a small schooner was crushed against the ledges near Owl’s Head Light with one mate, his bride-to-be, and a deckhand aboard.

As the storm intensified, the schooners' three occupants huddled close together for warmth and protection. As the schooner was breaking up, the deckhand sought help by going to shore. The keeper spied the deckhand and took him to the lighthouse to revive him. A search party was organized, and the other two were discovered encased in a block of ice formed from the spray.

Although the couple appeared to be dead, the rescuers refused to give up. They chipped off the ice and put the man and woman in cold water. Bit by bit, they increased the couple's body temperatures and massaged and exercised their limbs. After nearly two hours, the couple showed signs of life. It took months for the couple to regain their health, but they went on to marry and raise four children.